Wave goodbye to fears of your furry friend going missing.

Stay Connected with the Trackipet App

We all wish we could be with our pets every second, but unfortunately we can’t. With Trackipet, you're never too far away. Our intuitive app ensures that you're always connected to your furry friend, whether they're exploring the backyard or embarking on grand adventures.

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Trace their pawprints

Wouldn't it be incredible to look back on your pet's journey? Trackipet makes it possible. Our app provides a full year's worth of location history, allowing you to reminisce or understand their daily routines.

Set up your own boundaries

We've all felt that heart-pounding moment when our pets wander a little too far. But with Trackipet's app, you're in control. Easily set virtual boundaries that match your pet's play areas. If they ever step outside those bounds, our app sends you instant alerts, giving you peace of mind and the power to react swiftly

"The escape alert feature is a standout aspect of this tracker. If my dog ever manages to wander outside of the designated geofence, I receive an immediate notification on my phone. This prompt alert system allows me to quickly locate and retrieve my dog, ensuring their safety and preventing any potential risks or accidents."

All paws on deck in an emergency

Imagine mobilising a network of local pet lovers to help find your lost pet swiftly. With Trackipet's app, you have a community ready to assist in times of need.

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