Copy of TrackiPet + 3 Months Free Plan - dynamic-variant
Copy of TrackiPet + 3 Months Free Plan - dynamic-variant
Copy of TrackiPet + 3 Months Free Plan - dynamic-variant
Copy of TrackiPet + 3 Months Free Plan - dynamic-variant
Copy of TrackiPet + 3 Months Free Plan - dynamic-variant
Copy of TrackiPet + 3 Months Free Plan - dynamic-variant

Bienvenido a Trackipet

Solo $49.99 + Tu elección de plan de datos

  • Includes device cost plus your first 3 months data plan
  • Desarrollado por una comunidad global de amantes de las mascotas
  • Precisión de ubicación y alertas 24 horas al día, 7 días a la semana
  • Tarjeta SIM internacional / GPS / Wi-Fi incorporado
  • Hasta 5 días de duración de la batería
  • Se fija cómodamente a cualquier collar o arnés.
  • Resistente al agua y al polvo

¿Por qué necesito una suscripción?

Los planes de suscripción cubren todas las funciones de comunicación y datos, permitiéndote rastrear la ubicación de tus mascotas en todo el mundo. Puedes gestionar tus suscripciones y facturación dentro de la aplicación Trackipet. Suscríbete por más tiempo, paga por adelantado hoy y ahorra dinero. Para una flexibilidad total, elige nuestra opción mensual y actualiza a otra suscripción en cualquier momento.

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Trackipet is the tracking device and community-powered FREE mobile app that is changing the world of pet ownership. Affordable and globally-available to everyone from pet-parents and neighbours to local pet stores and pet service providers, the passionate Trackipet community mobilizes in seconds and offers 24/7 pinpoint accuracy should the unthinkable happen when a pet gets lost.  Trackipet includes an International SIM card/GPS/Wi-Fi built-in for spot-on real-time location updates, even when you explore far-off places.  Trackipet includes 2 collar/ harness attachments for great fit and IP67 protection to keep Trackipet safe from water and dust, no matter the adventure.

Stay Connected with the Trackipet App

  • Peace of mind for every pet lover, everywhere: With our app, you're never too far away. We'll ensure you're always connected to your furry friend wherever they roam.

  • Easily set up virtual boundaries: Tailored to your pet's play areas, with instant alerts if they ever step outside those bounds.

  • Trace their pawprints: Our app provides a full year's worth of location history, allowing you to look back on their daily routines.

  • All paws on deck: Mobilising a network of local pet lovers, you have a community ready to assist when you need them most.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Trackipet keeps a close eye on your pet using GPS, WiFi, and GSM technology. Just attach the small device to your pet's collar or harness, and it sends real-time location updates to your phone via the Trackipet app. This means you can check on your pet's whereabouts anytime, anywhere.

The device is not only small and light but also waterproof, perfect for active pets of all sizes. Plus, it has features like emergency alerts and sounds to quickly find your pet if they wander off.

Yes you can. If you're thinking about upgrading your data plan for more features or coverage, you should contact Trackipet customer service or look for upgrade options in the Trackipet app or on their website. They'll have the most up-to-date information on your plan options.

Getting started with Trackipet is easy:

  • Download the Trackipet app from either the App Store or Google Play.
  • Sign up to create your account.
  • Follow the in-app instructions to activate your account.
  • Add your pet's tracker using the subscription code that comes with the device.
  • Check the quick start guide that comes with the device for detailed steps.

Yes, your pet is safe with Trackipet! The device is sturdy and can handle all the running, jumping, and playing your pet does daily. It gives you live updates on your pet's location and even lets you set safe areas. If your pet leaves these areas, you'll get an alert immediately. There's also a community feature in the app, so in case your pet does get lost, a network of local pet lovers can help you find them quickly.

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Behind the brand: About Trackipet

At Trackipet, our journey is built on the love we have for our four-legged companions, coupled with cutting-edge technology that ensures their safety and your peace of mind. With a passionate team and a dedication to pet well-being, we're more than just a pet tracking company - we're your partners in creating a safer and more connected world for your furry family members.